Climate change and rapid population growth threaten food, water and ecosystem security in the Mediterranean region. SIGMA-Nexus will analyze the socio-economic and technical characteristics of several case study sites in Egypt and Greece to develop the WEF (Water-Ecosystems-Food) nexus for different hydrological, agricultural and environmental settings in the Mediterranean region. 

SIGMA-Nexus will advance beyond the current state-of-the-art in research, innovation and action. In research, SIGMA-Nexus will contribute to economic, social and technical (including hydrological and ecological) aspects of both theoretical and applied research on resilient and productive agro-ecosystems. In innovation, by designing and supporting the innovation digital portal, it will strengthen cross-sectoral communication, improve coordination between research and policymaking, and support scalability and technology diffusion.

The project aims to accelerate knowledge diffusion and support decision-making that can minimize conflicts and maximize synergies of cross-institutional and sectoral management of water and land resources through participatory multi-stakeholder engagement activities. 

In action, a training program and participatory multi-stakeholder workshop will facilitate innovation adoption and uptake of best WEF Nexus practices.

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