Master thesis projects

Nexus group guidelines

Please read the Nexus Group Guideline carefully if you are interested in joining the Nexus research group with a master thesis or study project.

Please note that this guideline only applies to students interested in conducting a project with Dr. Gondhalekar.

Contact other supervisors to inquire which individual guidelines apply.

Open topics

These master thesis and study project topics are open. If you are interested, please apply to the main supervisor mentioned after the topic:

Designing open areas to maximize groundwater recharge and design of groundwater recharge well in Lahore, Pakistan: the aim of this project is to design open areas to maximize groundwater recharge as well as a groundwater recharge well for application in Lahore. This project will be co-supervised by Mr. Mohsin Atiq of the Ravi Urban Development Authority (Dr. Daphne Gondhalekar:

Evaluating water requirements for relocation of capital city of Indonesia to Kalimantan: Concerns predicting and simulating water requirements, for different scenarios of  the new capital city's development. Which assumptions, models, frameworks, guidelines regarding water requirements exist, where should this water come from, where could it be stored, which volumes of water would be needed for which population densities and which type of urban sprawl? (Prof. Walter de Vries:, for more information please visit

Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Food Sovereignty: We are building a living lab for urban agriculture at TUM main campus. This topic is to collect data regarding SDG indicators, food sovereignty, FAO indicators of food security and/or developing innovative technologies for urban agriculture (i.e. hydroponic structures, vertical gardening, etc.) (Dr. Pamela Duran-Diaz: