FOS11: Courses

FoS11 Mandatory courses

FoS11 has two mandatory courses, each with 6 ECTS or credits:

1. Integrated Land-Water Management

2. Urban Water-Energy-Food Nexus

FoS11 Elective courses

As part of your studies in FoS11, you can choose from this list of elective courses:

Module ID Module name Semester ECTS Lecturer
BGU38019 Anaerobic Processes and Energy Recovery Summer 3 Dr.-Ing. Konrad Koch
BGU36010 Energy-Building-City Winter 6 Prof. Klaus Sedlbauer
BV170051 Energy Economics and Hydro Power Winter/Summer 3 Yannic Fusch
BGU46039 Ethics in Science and Technology Winter/Summer 6 Dr. rer. nat. Eva Sandmann
WZ4189 Fisheries and Aquatic Conservation Winter 5 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Geist
BGU66026 Shallow and Deep Geothermal Energy Use of Groundwater for environmental Engineers Winter 3 Kai Zosseder
WZ8100 Fundamentals of Climate Change Winter 3 Nicole Estrella
BGU54008T2 Hydrological and Environmental River Basin Modelling Winter 6 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Disse
BGU54011 Integrated Water Resources Management Winter 6 Prof. Dr.-Ing Markus Disse
EI7467 Interdisciplinary Project Internship Concept Development of a Renewable Energy System in a Developing Country Winter 6 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Hamacher
WI001255 Lecture Series Renewable Energy Systems in the Global South Winter 6  
BGU46036 Water resources and Hydropower Winter 6 Dr.-Ing. Richard Huber