GeoRE Sim

Geopolitics of Renewable Energy

The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy (GeoRE Sim) is an Erasmus+ project with the goal of boosting knowledge of interstate energy relations. European countries have the chance to unite within a single energy market and reap the benefits that come from new technologies. The European transition to renewables offers the opportunity for new cooperation between communities, universities, regions, and countries. The game will help instructors by offering a new way to teach about geopolitics. The target participants include the general public and students of energy and international relations. Through interactive game play, they will get a hands-on feel for international negotiations about renewable energy, and the trade-offs involved.

The game will let players explore options to meet the goals set forth in the European Green Deal. If Europe is to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, innovation and negotiation skills are needed. This game puts the players at the center of this exciting moment in time. With a little preparation on behalf of the participants and facilitators, the game begins right away with rounds of country-level briefing, diplomatic instructions, bilateral talks, summits, and other elements of international relations.

GeoRESim is led by Dr. Thomas Michael Sattich at the University of Stavanger, Norway along with partners at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and Ghent University. Our TUM team is in charge of the dissemination of the project to the academic community, particularly teaching personnel. TUM will host a transnational project meeting in the third project phase. For more information, see the TUM Chair for Environmental and Climate Policy led by Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs.